Matthias Klatt (Hrsg.)
Institutionalized Reason.
The Jurisprudence of Robert Alexy
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012


1: Matthias Klatt: Robert Alexy’s Philosophy of Law as System Section 1: The Nature of Law 2: John Gardner: How Law Claims, What Law Claims 3: Mark C. Murphy: Defect and Deviance in Natural Law Jurisprudence 4: Stanley L. Paulson: A ‘Justified Normativity’ Thesis in Hans Kelsen’s Pure Theory of Law?: Rejoinders to Robert Alexy and Joseph Raz Section 2: The Nature of Constitutional Rights 5: Larry Alexander: Legal Objectivity and the Illusion of Legal Principles 6: T.R.S. Allan: Constitutional Rights and the Rule of Law 7: Matthias Jestaedt: The Doctrine of Balancing – its Strengths and Weaknesses 8: Jan Henrik Klement: Common Law Thinking in German Jurisprudence – on Alexy’s Principles Theory 9: Mattias Kumm: Alexy’s Theory of Constitutional Rights and the Problem of Judicial Review 10: Ralf Poscher: How many Theories and What is their Merit? 11: Julian Rivers: Constitutional Rights and Statutory Limitations Section 3: The Nature of Legal Argumentation 12: Maeve Cooke: The Dual Character of Concepts and the Discourse Theory of Law 13: Cristina Lafont: Correctness and Legitimacy in the Discourse Theory of Law 14: Frederick Schauer: Balancing, Subsumtion, and the Constraining Role of Legal Text Section 4: Replies 15: Robert Alexy: Comments and Responses


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