Alexys Rechtstheorie als System

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Matthias Klatt, Robert Alexy’s Philosophy of Law as System
in: Matthias Klatt (Hrsg.), Institutionalized Reason, The Jurisprudence of Robert Alexy, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2012, S. 1-26. Online erhältlich bei Oxford Scholarship Online.

It has been frequently remarked that the works of Robert Alexy form a system. Mattias Kumm compares Alexy’s work to Dworkin’s and claims that ‘their works exhibit a holistic or system-based approach to the study of law’. Pavlakos praises Alexy for having developed ‘a systematic philosophy covering most of the key areas of legal philosophy’. With an eye to links between his main works, Robert Alexy himself has remarked that ‘the result may well be a system’. How this system should be explicated, however, has not been addressed in an effective way. This, essentially, is the main aim of this introduction.